Eating opportunities

Welcome to the pages of the GENUSSWERKSTATT. The gastronomic offer at PS.SPEICHER is realized by our cooperation partner, the Hardenberg Hotel- und Gastronomiebetriebe.

Wholesome and nourishing

The focus in our GENUSSWERKSTATT restaurant is on the essentials – on food that is wholesome and nourishing. Because it is only when the meat, bread and salad (but also the milk, the beer and the grain) are full of goodness that they replenish our own internal store of energy and satisfy our appetite in a pleasurable way. No wonder that GENUSSWERKSTATT has quickly established a reputation for itself here in southern Lower Saxony, a region that distils grain, makes distinctive mustard and knows when to add a pinch of salt and that local flavours are at their best when washed down with the local brew.

Feuerküche – flame-grilled specialities

On display at PS.SPEICHER are the creations and achievements of resourceful inventors and imaginative engineers whose brilliant ideas have advanced personal mobility and motorsport.

The creative minds behind GENUSSWERKSTATT have taken their inspiration from these pioneers and from the way they tamed fire to generate energy and propulsion. Fire is an indispensable element in the kitchen, because cuisine that is intended to delight needs lots of love and even more passion. But also a naked flame. Anyone who has ever cooked, roasted or grilled over an open fire knows the potency of such recipes.

Grilling is what the Feuerküche does best. It also serves crispy flatbread and fresh salads that change with the seasons. Try the flame-grilled ‘Dry Aged Steak’ sourced from selected farms in the region and the fiery-hot mustard grains from southern Lower Saxony. You will also be delighted by the impeccable service and the intriguingly simple interior design.

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