Kulturstiftung Kornhaus

PS.SPEICHER is a project undertaken by Kulturstiftung Kornhaus, a charitable foundation
set up in the year 2009. The chief patron and Chairman of the Board of Trustees is local businessman and passionate collector Karl-Heinz Rehkopf.
The cultural foundation pursues two main objectives:

  1. the preservation of cultural heritage, primarily the historic granary in Einbeck;
  2. the inauguration of PS.SPEICHER as the world’s most significant collection of German series production motorcycles in one of Einbeck’s most historic industrial landmarks.

A strong team

More than 80 full-time and volunteer staff members shape currently our unique exhibition experience in Einbeck. The Kulturstiftung Kornhaus thanks this experienced team, without the PS.SPEICHER could not have been created. In order to be successful in the future, the team will continue to grow if required.

Perspectively, around 100 jobs will be created in the surrounding of the PS.SPEICHER: administrative staff, exhibition guides, cashiers, supervisors, shop and cleaning staff are just some of the positions that are already taken by or will be taken by Einbeck citizens and people from the surrounding area. The entire team of the PS.SPEICHER is available to our visitors at any time.

A strong team: the employees of the Kulturstiftung Kornhaus


Kulturstiftung Kornhaus
Bismarckstraße 2
37574 Einbeck

Tel:  +49 55 61 / 924 75 50
Fax: +49  55 61 / 74 124

E-Mail: info@kulturstiftung-kornhaus.de